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LED display industry wholesale market



LED display industry wholesale market and engineering market channels, before the product can be described as the difference is quite distinct from each other, is selling wholesale and engineering module, the channel is to sell display products. However, with the continuous change of the LED display screen industry gradually mature and terminal display market trends, the current "wholesale" and "project" between the "gap" is gradually become smaller, and even insiders have predicted: in the future, from the product side, obvious difference between wholesale and engineering will become increasingly blurred, or even two the trend of assimilation!

After analyzing the development of the LED display industry terminal market in the last two years, the reasons for the assimilation of the wholesale market and the engineering market are summarized and analyzed.

A wholesale, is the lowest threshold of LED display Wall industry in all markets, coupled with the price war to a few years in the industry, so that the wholesale market profits fell sharply, but in recent years, labor costs, raw material costs rose sharply under the double pressure, the more profit wholesale module manufacturers profit is also very low, limited, even the industry before the wholesale done fast enterprises this year also began a bit powerless.

Two, on the other hand, the wholesale market is also facing the pressure to increase the demand of the terminal market. With the upgrading of the terminal market to all aspects of products, the form of simple wholesale product module has been unable to meet the needs of the terminal market. In the future, customers need LED display products wholesale instead of single module manufacturing and product assembly, but can provide customers with a perfect solution and the applicable display products. The future wholesale market does not represent poor products and no technical content. It is the quality and quantity, which is the trend of the times.

Three, although the LED display Panel wholesale market and engineering market growing, but it does not mean that the wholesale market has lost the meaning of competition, but this is for the wholesale market has injected new vitality! Because these products market demand change, the change in wind direction, all the guidelines in the LED display to wholesale manufacturers to continuously improve their mode of operation and the market, improve their products and solutions. Future display wholesale market needs LED display manufacturers not only to have channel advantages, but also have great competitiveness in products and brands.

Throughout the current LED display wholesale market, no brand competitiveness of small manufacturers have slowly began to withdraw from the market, while an opposite phenomenon is the industry's leading LED display companies turn to "kill" into the wholesale market, these are from the side that the future wholesale market has great development space, and under the terminal needs to rise and upgrading of consumption stimulation, future wholesale market profits are very substantial.

Summary: LED display wholesale market and engineering channel market increasingly assimilated is an irreversible trend of development. The future LED display wholesale market demand for enterprises will be higher and higher. The previous low threshold access will no longer exist. If we want to have a firm foothold in the future wholesale market, whether big enterprises, strong enterprises or small and medium-sized vulnerable screen enterprises need to adapt to the market development and change, we can expand our business strength in the face of opportunities


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