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Full color LED Scren for high definition display



Full color LED display high-definition display should have two basic premises, a video source must be HD, two is the LED display you have to support high-definition display can be realized.

With the development of the society, the display effect of LED display screen is becoming higher and higher. High definition and ultra high definition display gradually become the mainstream of the market. The effect of HD video is very strong, and the content displayed is more attractive than traditional video. It can better satisfy people's pursuit of high quality audio-visual. So, in addition to the two basic premise of the previous, how to make the full color LED display more high-definition? The following analysis is given to you.

First, improve the contrast of full color LED display: contrast is one of the key factors that affect visual effect. Generally, the higher the contrast, the clearer and clearer the image is, the brighter and brighter the color is. High contrast is of great help to the definition, details and gradation of the image. In some black and white contrast text and video display, high contrast full-color LED display has advantages in black and white contrast, clarity and integrity. In contrast to the dynamic video display effect is larger, due to the dynamic image in the dark conversion faster, the higher the contrast, the human eye is easy to distinguish the image conversion process. Contrast enhanced color LED display is mainly to improve the brightness of the LED display panel and reduce the display surface reflectivity, but the brightness is not possible, is too high, it will be counterproductive, not only will affect the life of LED display, light pollution caused by the adverse effects on the environment and population. The full color LED display LED panel and LED luminescent tube can be processed by special technology, which can reduce the reflectivity of LED Video panel and improve the contrast of full color LED display.

Two, improve the color LED display gray level: gray level LED display is the darkest to lightest from single color brightness, brightness series can be distinguished, grayscale full-color LED display higher, more colorful, more bright colors; on the other hand, shows a single color, simple change. The enhancement of gray level can greatly improve the color depth, which makes the display layers of the color of the image increase in a geometric number. Now many LED display manufacturers can display the gray level of 14bit~16bit to make the image level resolution detail and display more exquisite, realistic and colorful.

Three, reduce the full-color LED display point spacing: narrow full-color LED display space, can be very good to improve the display picture clarity, because the space is small, the pixel density LED display unit area is high, can show more details and pictures showed more delicate lifelike.

Four, LED display and video processor combination: LED video processor can use advanced algorithm to modify the signal poor image quality, perform deinterlacing, edge sharpening, motion compensation and a series of image enhancement processing, display the details, improve the quality of display screen. The use of video image processor zoom processing algorithm to ensure the video image zoom processing, the greatest degree of clarity and keep the image gray levels; in addition, also need the video processor has rich image adjustment options and the moderating effect of the image processing, brightness, contrast, gray, in order to ensure the LED display output soft clear picture.


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