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Outdoor LED display using lamp drive separation



The circuit board of the LED display is usually made up of the lamp board and the driving board. There are two kinds of design in the market at present, one is lamp drive and the other is lamp drive separation. Many customers are not very aware of the LED display products using these two schemes, which is superior, and do not know how to choose? The following is to explain what is the LED display light flooding combination and light flooding separation as well as their what is different, for everyone to buy screen as a reference.

LED, a display lamp drive: a LED lamp LED display screen Wall and drive the IC all in one PCB board, IC PCB circuit board in front, eliminating copper plug, has the advantages of no inductance effect, not Huaping; drawback is that maintenance trouble.

Two, LED display light flooding separation: LED lights in a separate PCB circuit board, IC driver in a PCB board, between two PCB boards with row headers and signal connections to the normal work of the purpose of inserting way.

Three, LED electronic display with light flooding separation for three main reasons: first, LED display using the LED plug-in, LED lamp foot to the back of the driver IC normal display, so the light flooding separation mode; second, LED display point spacing is too small, in the electronic design affects the PCB plate line the walk the line, the separation of the light flooding can increase the wiring area of PCB board; third, good heat dissipation and does not affect the display effect of the LED display, if the lamp drive one way, when the LED lamp density, drive the IC when heat is high, the heat driven IC it will affect directly to the LED lamp is IC by PCB, the LED light color change. This is not the case with the use of light drive separation.

Four, light flooding combination and light flooding separation between: from a cost point of view, light flooding one cost of slightly lower; from the maintenance point of view, the light flooding from the way easy to maintenance, because it can replace each other to detect, and the lamp light flooding separation together, it is easy to change light; from the perspective of heat dissipation, light flooding separation is more conducive to heat dissipation.

To sum up, the general indoor scanning display is more expensive and the cost is much higher than that of the lamp drive. However, most outdoor LED displays use the way of lamp driving separation. This way can extend the display and service life of LED display well. What kind of way to choose should be determined according to the environment and the circumstances.


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