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Ten important tips in the assembly of LED electronic display screen



LED electronic Board screen, it can play video, pictures, text, forms and other multimedia information. Compared with the traditional sign ads, the LED electronic display has gorgeous visual and video effects, which is more visual impact, easier to attract people's eyeballs, and the content information is large, content can be updated at any time, and has a very good advertising effect. So what does the LED electronic display need to pay attention to during the installation and debugging process? The following points are summed up, and I hope to help you.

LED, a display screen billboard frame size: the frame size is determined by the product specification, but also subject to the specification for the unit plate, cutting to the attention of Aluminum Alloy because the width of the border, about two in two, so cut transverse material to Aluminum Alloy frame from the finished product specifications to subtract two times the width of about two. Vertical materials should also take care of this point.

Two, the corner part is connected by plastic connectors. Finally, it is firmly fixed with self tapping screws. One corner sharing four screws, one side up and down, and the border is connected well, then the unit panel can be placed.

Three, the layout of the unit board should be placed according to the specifications of its own finished products. The specifications of the 4.8*0.48 need to be placed in a horizontal 15 and a vertical 3. Note that the placement of the plate is consistent with the arrow on the plate.

Four, screw the special screws to the unit board and suck all the magnetic columns. The screws close to the left and right sides of the two frames must be screwed in the row on the side of the unit board, so that it is easy to fix the back bar on the side.

Five, install the back bar, the ends of both ends should be pre laid well, one end of two holes, one with four holes on the top, fixed with self tapping screws and the frame material, and finally the magnetic column on the unit plate will be adsorbed on the back bar.

Six, connect the cell board with data line. One end of the data line is inserted on the socket on the left side of the unit plate relative to the right side, then the other end goes across the back bar to connect to the socket on the left side of the adjacent unit plate. Connect one by one.

Seven, the connection between the power lines of the unit board, the red line connected to the ACC end on the board, and the black line on the GND end of the board. Connect one by one and be careful not to mix up.

Eight, install the power box and connection. A 40A power box is available on the Internet to check up to 12 unit boards, and the boss says it is the most 8 unit board. Considering the heat of the belt, it is connected by 8. There are 9 terminals in the power box. From left to right, they are: 1, 2 terminals are 220V interface, 3 are ground wires, 4, 5, 6 are 5V positive, 7, 8 and 9 are 5V negative electrodes.

Nine, the number of cards to control wiring and unit board placed for Shuyiyi corresponding, but should pay attention to the data line (cable) on one side to take control on the OE end of color, as well as the corresponding unit in the OE side, the reverse. The RS232 line is connected to the control card. In addition, the power supply on the control card should be connected to the 5V on the power box. To correspond to the positive and negative poles, you can't get the 220V on the 1 or the 2 end. Otherwise, the control card will be burned.

Ten, the power line, the power line to connect the power box to the 1, 2 ends, do not mix, to use the power box to collude all. The other end leads to a double hole plug for electricity use.


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