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How should the LED display manufacturer play the high-end display market?



From the LED display the company's performance report, the industry leading enterprise performance is still strong growth, the data is very bright, envy others. From the recent market situation of LED display, the LED display industry has gradually concentrated on the technology and scale advantage companies, and the market space has been shrinking, and the industry competition is more and more intense.

The integration of mergers and acquisitions and horse racing is still the leading game of LED display, playing the game of big brother enterprises. It mainly increases the LED display Panel industry, extends the industrial chain horizontally or vertically, and continuously develops new markets. In the past two years, with the continuous improvement of the quality and performance of the terminal market and the trend of industrial transformation, the manufacturers of all sizes of LED display in the industry have been transformed, gradually eliminating backward production capacity and fighting for the high-end application market.

Under the trend of product application upgrading, "high-end" has become a new cake in the market of the LED display industry. Meanwhile, with the upgrading of customer demand in the terminal market, the cake will be bigger and bigger in the future, so as to help LED display enterprises optimize product structure and increase profits. At the same time, it can also break the deadlock in which many LED display manufacturers have been addicted to the low end market for the low price war, so as to improve the industrial image and reputation. However, the complexity and variability of the high-end consumer market has long been beyond the expectations and preparations of many LED display manufacturers. Therefore, many LED display companies are facing a lot of challenges and challenges as they want to truly stand in the high-end market.

New game, new game! For the LED display company, the transformation of the high-end market, is not a simple will in the low-end market competition means, model, and product R & D and production, the simple copy directly in the high-end market, but to re re defined and developed according to the needs of the high-end market, the crowd. The high-end market for all LED display manufacturers, is a new battle, must take "new" thinking and ideas, in order to truly rooted in this field, to win their own piece of heaven and earth.

In the last two years, some LED screen enterprises from the middle and low end market to the high-end market transition process, unavoidable some "ineffective" situation. The fundamental reason is that many enterprises have not completely changed the four links of product R & D, manufacturing, marketing and after-sale services, directly and directly dealing with users. For example, many LED display companies always simply think that the high-end is the high price, the high-end is the style is a little good, the function is a little rich... Always hope today into high-end technology and product innovation in the high-end market, tomorrow will be able to occupy a space for one person, to achieve profit growth, The loss outweighs the gain. that spoil things by excessive enthusiasm.

In fact, the real "high-end market" can not only sell prices, sell products, but also have to sell services and transport ideas. Do the products of technological innovation, marketing services and service innovation, and user needs to butt up, into a high value from the high price; also should be aware that the high-end transformation is a long-term and systematic project, not the short term burn can be resolved, must through sustained investment, with intensive and meticulous farming. "The silent way, cultivate high-end product definition capabilities, high-end brands to enhance user awareness. In addition, the current in the high-end LED display LED display market, enterprises must understand the real depth of contact market, market demand: the customer end is because of the price and selection of products, or because the brand and the choice of products, or a sense of innovation, sense of science and technology and other factors for? For the high-end client group, is the product the most concerned, or the brand? What makes them do?

At present, there are still many challenges for Chinese LED display manufacturers to compete on the high-end road. The most urgent task is to rely on value products and achieve brand impact, and then brand innovation and iteration. Finally, we should build a dual wheel drive system of "value product + value brand" for user demand. The core power is very simple: first, we need to make strong products, the two is to make big brands, then we will expand the thickness and sense of value of products and brands synchronously, and give the end market brand new cognition and label to our brand with the help of the product link.

In the face of more and more high-end, changing market demand, LED display manufacturers must get out of the past single product competition, even to avoid the scramble for high-end market into a low-end market price war, the high-end market, for all China LED display enterprises, is a new battlefield, is a new starting point, especially in the high-end market have deficiencies of small and medium-sized enterprises to re screen, starting, acceleration starting, have the opportunity to share the fruits of victory!


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