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Do the six test well, your LED screen is safe and sound!



The LED screen is a special kind of LED display, which is usually built in busy business centers and crowded areas. Because of this, the quality and safety of the LED screen is particularly important. So what kind of testing work is needed to ensure the security of the LED screen, do you know? Let's give you a brief introduction.

First, based on LED detection: sky screen project steel at the connection column and ground check, check the LED display of concrete filled steel tubular columns and ground connections are settlement crack, deformation and displacement phenomenon; check screen structure is normal, whether there is a significant tilt, displacement and settlement due to the cracks. The phenomenon of.

Two, component layout and section size detection: investigate the layout of LED strip screen component, and the use of steel tape, vernier caliper, ultrasonic thickness gauge of LED canopy screen extraction 8 CFST columns, 8 pipe truss member section size measurement, detect the sectional size of component design meets request.

Three, concrete filled steel tubular column bending height and verticality detection: the use of total station without prism on LED sky screen from 8 steel columns, respectively, bending vector height and vertical detection on it, see if it satisfies the "code for acceptance of construction quality of steel structures" (GB50205-2001) requirements in the.

Four, pipe truss and steel columns coating dry film thickness detection: use of TT260 coatings on big LED screen from 30 canopy tube truss rod thickness gauge of pipe truss truss of anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the dry film thickness detection, measuring the surface anti-corrosion coating thickness of the coating component meet the need of "steel structure construction quality acceptance" (GB50205-2001): outdoor for 150 m, the room should be 125 m, the allowable deviation for -25 m requirements.

Five, weld quality detection: use digital display ultrasonic flaw detector to extract 48 butt welds and related line welds on LED sky screen, and weld quality inspection. The quality of measured weld should reach two level of weld quality grade.

Six, appearance quality, damage and leakage inspection: check the appearance quality, damage and leakage of LED canopy screen, mainly including the corrosion of connecting piece, the wrinkle of steel member, the falling of the flow, the peeling and rusting, and the phenomenon of crack and deformation.

To sum up, in order to ensure the safe and effective operation of LED sky screen, we must adhere to routine maintenance, supplemented by effective detection methods, and timely repair problems, so as to realize the safety of LED canopy system.


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