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Outdoor SMD full color LED display will lead the future outdoor market



The DIP LED display has always been the overlord of the outdoor LED display market. The direct insertion LED display has the characteristics of wide viewing angle, good heat dissipation, high brightness and excellent waterproof performance, which is the reason why it is popular in outdoor display market and widely welcomed by outdoor advertising media. But with the improvement and maturity of LED display technology in recent years, the full-color LED display is successfully launched into the outdoor display market, facing the market position of the challenge direct LED display. So what's the air challenge on the full color LED display? Here is a careful way to you.

A wide viewing angle: outdoor surface mount full-color LED display not only in the horizontal direction with wide viewing angle of 140 degrees or more, also has more than 140 degrees wide angle in the vertical direction, which is especially advantageous in some application areas, such as building hanging screen, outdoor LED display in the sky will need a broader perspective to show better the effect of advertising.

Two, with good light: red, green and blue oval LED matching at different angles to three brightness is a difficult index, and full color surface mount LED display because the design structure of three in one structure, red, green and blue three chips in a bowl bracket. Therefore, in different angles of red, green and blue three brightness matching is highly consistent, so that the outdoor full color LED display brightness table posted at any angle, good consistency, to display effect is more realistic.

Three, mixed light: as surface mount LED display design structure for the three one, three chips are very close in the same bracket light mixing bowl cup, instead of three discrete oval LED, so the red, green and blue light mixing effect on the line LED display, especially suitable for short distance watch.

Four, high contrast: due to the design structure of three in one, the full color table size is small, so the light emitting area is small, the black area is large, and the contrast of LED display is improved.

Five, automatic production: the surface paste LED can use the automatic patch machine for automatic patch, and the production efficiency is high. The circuit design of outdoor surface SMD  LED display module can realize the two in one of the lamp panel and the driving plate, reduce the cost, improve the reliability and improve the production efficiency. Besides, automated patch production can also improve vertical accuracy of surface sticking on printed circuit boards, and overcome the vertical accuracy problem of directly inserted ellipse LED on printed circuit boards, so as to ensure better picture display effect.

Six, the weight of the box is light: the design of the aluminum alloy material box structure is very light; and the beauty is not easy to be deformed and assembled conveniently and smoothly. It is suitable for the use of leasing companies, Che Zaiping, and advertising media; the column installation or wall installation reduces the pressure of the panel to the steel structure.

LED chip technology and LED package technology has made great progress in recent years, the surface mount LED display in brightness, protection grade, or in the perspective of contrast, all can fully meet the needs of outdoor display applications, surface mount LED believe outdoor full-color display will lead the future of outdoor LED display market.


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