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Factors of the quality of LED electronic display screen



At present, LED electronic display has been widely applied in the market. No matter you walk in streets or alleys or busy downtown areas, you can see the figure of LED electronic display screen. Although LED display has been popularized, many customers still don't know much about LED electronic display. Below, Xiaobian introduces some quality factors of LED electronic display, hoping to give you a reference when choosing products.

The influence of temperature on the LED electronic display: the full color LED display is very picky about the ambient temperature, and its working state is ideal at room temperature around 25 degrees. But in fact, the ambient temperature of outdoor LED display is quite complex. The highest temperature in summer is probably above 60 C, and the lowest temperature in winter is below -20. The efficiency and performance of LED and IC are not consistent, the brightness is not consistent, and the overall display of the screen also changes naturally. Under different temperature conditions, the brightness of red, green and blue three kinds of light attenuation and decline is different, at 25 DEG C, the white balance is normal, but at 60 DEG C, the brightness of three colors of LED are decreased, and the attenuation values are not consistent, will produce the entire screen the brightness and color drop phenomenon, then the whole LED display quality will decline.

Two, the influence of IC: the working temperature range of IC is at -40 - 85 C. Because the outside temperature is too high, the temperature inside the box will increase. If the temperature inside the box is over 85 degrees, IC will cause unstable work or high temperature drift due to the high temperature, resulting in the difference between the currents between the channels or the difference between the chips. Domestic LED display manufacturers are striving to improve in design and technology, which can effectively control the influence of external environment temperature on the final effect of display, and make full color LED display factory as perfect as possible under various complicated conditions.

Three, box design: good ventilation and heat dissipation design is a necessary indicator of box design.

Four, power supply: power in the LED electronic display system is an important link to influence the quality. Because the power supply at different temperature conditions, its working stability, output voltage and load carrying capacity will also be different. Because it bears the role of logistics support, its support capability directly affects the quality of LED display. Different brands and specifications of the power supply equipment, the price difference is very large, we can not only look at the low price and not look at its performance and quality.

LED electronic display manufacturers, many customers are very puzzled when buying products, do not know how to choose, especially the customer choice syndrome.


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