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The protection of outdoor LED display



Outdoor LED display is one of the most widely used products in the field of LED display. It is applied to outdoor media advertising, community publicity, building decoration, public service information display, traffic information induction, stage performance and other occasions, and is the favorite of outdoor advertising media. Although the outdoor LED screen market is very high, but in the maintenance of the product, a lot of customers in these areas of knowledge is still very scarce, Xiao Bian think it is necessary for everyone to look at the popularity of outdoor LED display maintenance knowledge, everyone come here.

First, the switch sequence of LED display: first turn on the control computer to enable it to run normally, then open the outdoor LED display, first close the outdoor LED display, then turn off the computer.

Two. When there is broken or other damage to the outdoor LED display screen, it should be replaced in time, special screws, pin, load bearing beam and so on.

Three, regularly inspect outdoor LED display screen and steel structure solder joint surface corrosion and rust proof paint whether there is a phenomenon of shedding. If there is peeling or rust, timely spraying antirust paint or applying anti rust paste.

Four, the power supply of LED display is stable, and the grounding protection is good. It should not be used under harsh natural conditions, especially in strong lightning weather, and regularly check the reliability of lightning rod and grounding system.

Five, in the rainy season, the frequency of inspection of outdoor LED display should be improved properly to ensure no leakage of the display.

Six, regular check LED display power and signal line have no skin or bite phenomenon.

Seven, the LED screen needs to check the distribution system once every half a year.

Eight, outdoor LED display exposed to outdoor environment for a long time is easy to be stained with dust. It can be cleaned by alcohol or by brush or vacuum cleaner, but it can't be directly wiped with wet cloth.

Nine, according to the LED display automatic presupposition mode start, stop, brightness adjustment, program list and other single function test.

Ten, outdoor LED display should take more than 2 hours' rest time per day, rainy season should be used at least once a week, at least once a month, and it will be lit for more than 2 hours.

The above is the small layout of the outdoor LED display protection need to pay attention to the details of the knowledge point.


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