P4.81 Rental LED Screen - Full color display large screen movie led display


     P4.81 Indoor Rental Displays                                        
    Module size: 250*250mm
    Cabinet size: 500*1000mm
    Scan method: 1/32 or 1/16
    Refresh rate: 1920 Hz
    Brightness: ≥1200 nits
    Cabinet material: Die-casting aluminum
    Cabinet weight:15KG.
    System: Linsn or Novastar
    Viewing angle: H:140°,V:140°
    IP Grade: IP40
    Usage: Indoor rental





    All Full Color SMD LED Modules
    Thermal-conductive & noiseless power supply.




    Standard Cabinet Dimensions

    The ultra-lightweight cabinet made is aluminum-magnesium alloy which gives it extra strength. The cabinet of Lightweight LED Screen for Show is designed with perfection, making it really easy to install. Also, the quick-lock feature requires no technical skills to install and uninstall.






    High Brightness, Better Quality


    The high brightness and high definition features of the Indoor LED Video Wall ensures great quality pictures - making it a perfect fit for stage, hotel, promotion, station, stadium and other places.


    Popular Background LED Screen
    Radian lock scale design it can connect with 15°-15°any kind of radian type.
    High contrast ratio, high refresh rate makes the screen without any delay or smear phenomenon.






    Application places 

    Auditorium, conference room, banquet hall and exhibition presentations, traffic, studio, command and monitor system..

    Parameter Value
    Application envionment indoor rental
    Pixel pitch (mm) 4.81
    Brightness (nits) 1500
    Pixel configuration SMD2121
    Scanning Mode 1/13
    Panel weight (kgs) 8
    Pixel per ㎡ 43264
    Pixel matrix per panel 208x104
    Display refresh rate (Hz) >1920
    Input power (Max/Avg.) (w/㎡) 800/390
    Panel size (W×H×D) (mm) 500×500×80
    Panel area (㎡) 0.27
    Panel material Die-casting Aluminum
    Ingress protection (front/rear) IP65/IP56
    Certification CE, RoHS,FCC

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