P10 front service screen - Double Sided Front Service Exterior Advertising LED Sign Display Screen



     Front Service P10 Led Display

     Front service led panels of P10 is easy to install and maintain which can save a lot of time and cost. Specialized for street, side road, gym and airport.




    Compact Cabinet Design - Easy to Install
    The cabinet of High Brightness Outdoor SMD LED Display features streamlined design which makes it easy to carry and install. The lightweight cabinet is easy to carry and saves transportation cost. It's damage free and lasts for a lifetime. Pick out from different standard colors of cabinets.






    Seamless Splice

    The Fast Lock Rental LED Display can be instalLED within minutes, without any special tools. You may configure the Fast Lock Rental LED Display as per your requirements and choice. Adjust the brightness, gray scale and picture quality as per your choice. Advanced adjustment options allow you to set up the display as per the environment conditions and area of installation.






    Waterproof Function:
    The display features a Front IP65 waterproof grade which protects the display from any damage. A dedicated guard prevents the screen from any damage and environmental effects. The screen will remain harmless in every condition and in every weather.


    High refresh rate
    High refresh rate over 1920Hz, with professional camera, still keep high quality display performance, no any water waves or screen flashings, totally meet the live show requirements.






    High Brightness, Better Quality


    The high brightness and high definition features of the Indoor LED Video Wall ensures great quality pictures - making it a perfect fit for stage, hotel, promotion, station, stadium and other places. 

    Application places:
    Ideal for outdoor advertisement media, government & enterprise project culture & tourism, sports, propaganda image, commercial real estate.

    Parameter Value
    Application envionment Outdoor Fixed
    Pixel pitch (mm) Visual pitch: 10
    Brightness (nits) ≥6000
    Pixel configuration Three in one
    Scanning Mode 1/2
    Panel weight (kgs) 45/50
    Pixel per ㎡ 10,000
    Pixel matrix per panel 128×96
    Display refresh rate (Hz) >1920
    Input power (Max/Avg.) (w/㎡) 500 / 175
    Panel size (W×H×D) (mm) 1280×960×175
    Panel area (㎡) 1.229
    Panel material Steel/AL
    Ingress protection (front/rear) IP65/IP43
    Certification CE,RoHS,FCC
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