Vivid Colors For P6 Indoor Fixed
    RGB deep gray processing, rich colors, exquisite quality.

    Detailed Info:

    Pixel pitch: P6 mm SMD3528
    Module size: 192*192mm
    Cabinet size: 768*768mm
    Scan method: 1/8
    Refresh rate: 1920 Hz
    Brightness: ≥1500 nits
    Cabinet material: Iron steel
    Cabinet weight:18KG.
    System: Linsn or Novastar
    Viewing angle: H:140°,V:140°
    IP Grade: IP40
    Usage: Indoor fixed on wall.


    3528 Big SMD Leds: Uniform and Sharp Visual Effect
    The contrast ratio can reach 10000:1. Paired with its very wide viewing angle, these elements make it excel in image quality.

    High Grey Scale for better Performance:
    We use best quality ICs supplied by the leading brands to  make sure you get the outstanding performance you anticipate.

    Complete solution:
    We offer steel structure drawing for our led screens, with perfect service from inquiry to installation.

    Application range
    It can be applicable to bar, theater theatre, multi-function hall, coffee shop, hotel, stage shows, concert hall, commercial buildings, airports, railway stations, shopping malls and other places.


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