P16  Outdoor DIP LED Display 
    Pixel pitch: P16 mm DIP346
    Module size: 256*256mm
    Cabinet size: 1024*1024mm
    Scan method:Static
    Refresh rate: 1920 Hz
    Brightness: ≥7500 nits
    Cabinet material: Iron steel
    Cabinet weight:55KG.
    System: Linsn or Novastar
    Viewing angle: H:120°,V:90°
    IP Grade: IP65
    Usage: Outdoor fixed


    Standard Steel Cabinet Dimensions.

    The cabinet made is made of aluminum or steel which gives it extra strength. The cabinet of LED Screen is designed with perfection, making it really easy to install. Also, the postioning pole feature requires no technical skills to install and uninstall.

    LED Walls using DIP 346 LED Lamps
    DIP can have stable performance in high temperature,and it can be used in heavily dusted areas. 
    So it has uniqe advantages,compared with SMD.


    High IP Rating IP66 - Safe and Reliable
    The special waterproof design of Waterproof P10 LED Screen protects it from water and dust. When installed in Outdoor areas, protection is a serious matter. Special guard protects it from environment dangers. High IP Rating IP66 ensures great quality outputs in every condition.

    7500 nits High Brightness


    The high brightness and high definition features of the Indoor LED Video Wall ensures great quality pictures - making it a perfect fit for stage, hotel, promotion, station, stadium and other places.

    Complete solution:
    We offer steel structure drawing for our led screens, with perfect service from inquiry to installation.

    Application Place

    The Waterproof P10 LED Screen can be used for many purposes and at many places. It can be used for advertisement, banner display, demonstration, video displays, educational purposes and much more.

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