Museum Church Displays

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    With the silent operation and bright performance, it helps you to display all kinds of information or members,videos,and pictures in the measuem and church.Almost every people can see the screen clearly at any locations with its extremely wide view angle of 160 degrees for vertical and horizontal.
    1.HD in resolution, vivid in pictures,can display superb videos.
    2. Seamless Construction: A die-cast aluminum panel, high-precision design and CNC processing minimize inconsistency within 0.05mm.
    3. Quiet: An efficient IC drive, optimized PCB layout and no fan all contribute to silent operation.
    4. Perfect Image: No flickering, brightlines or darklines ensures a better image.
    5. Color Uniformity: The LED display presents uniform color at all times with low power consumption and low temperature rise.
    6. Safe Maintenance: Because it supports hot swapping, it is safe and convenient to maintain.


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